Friday, July 16, 2010

We are movin' now! we busted it on the house this past weekend, thanks to my AMAZING folks! My mom and dad graciously came to Taylor on Saturday to help us work on the house. We were sooo productive, it was awesome!!

What we accomplished...
• mom and I cleaned out the dining room to make it easier to continue working and took items back to storage (we refilled up our storage shed :)
• dad tore down the Styrofoam ceiling tiles and took out the stables that were holding it up in order to prep for sheet rock. So...side is super organized and clean so he was putting the staples very nicely into a cup he crafted to hang on the ladder to put all of the staples he tore off the wall. Well...then here comes D a little while later (he had to go to a plumping repair call) to help dad and he starts just ripping out the staples and throwing them on the floor!! dad was like..."if I would have known I could do that...I would have been done by now :)". I appreciated the neatness of dad, but big D had different plans...oh silly Dave!
• D opened up the door way going into the kitchen. I LOVE really opens up the space.
• D widened the door to our "eventual" master bedroom
• We started skim coating the walls in the dining room (we are making the already existing "heavily textured" sheetrock smooth)
• mom was very motivated to clean up behind the boys and organize things, so that was very helpful! We cleared out the master bedroom as well so they sheet rocking can begin soon! We also cleaned up the livable living room, cleanest that room has ever been!

They sure are troopers! We could NOT have accomplished ALL of that in one day without them, no way. THANK YOU mom and dad...we LOVE you guys soo much!! We ended the evening on a fun note though!! Mike and Aimee (who just moved to Austin...we are beside ourselves about that) came to big T (taylor) to eat dinner with us and so my folks could meet their precious lil munchkin, Meryl!!! My parents were very excited to finally meet her! Meryl B is lovin her momma right now, so wasn't so sure about going to my mom at first, but she quickly warmed up to my mom, with a lil foot ticklin' She is just precious...we love her...oh and Mike and Aim of course ;)

I tried to capture pictures of the work we did yesterday, with the help of mom, BUT unfortunately all the pictures we thought we captured...we didn't. Oh how I LOVE my not so savvy tech mom...oh dear momma!!! I don't know what you did, but for some reason all those pics you took with my iphone camera are somehow NOT on my iphone...oops :) Well have to teach you those fun iphone tricks one day momma since you have now joined the world of iphoners :)

Oh...and we bought an old Chambers range for our kitch! We (especially dave) is soo excited about this. I think it is going to look awesome, although, it is in need of a DEEP clean!

Tomorrow one of our amazing friends, Aaron Mullins, has gotten together a group of guys to help D work on the house!! We are beyond excited and grateful for their help! We will post pics of that soon!

Things are a movin'...Yeah!!!

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Karen said...

that range is beautiful! Can't wait to see it put to use ;)