Friday, June 20, 2008

Demolition and remodeling has begun...

Dave started the demolition by ripping off the paneling in both bedrooms! We discovered some fabulous original wallpaper!!! After ripping off the paneling, David started the demolition of the guest bath and closet area. This was a process because the walls were SOLID wood…he is such a hard worker!! We are changing the dimensions of the quest bath, so he also had to redo and rearrange the plumbing. The demolition of the bathroom was completed prior to moving in; however not ALL of the new fixtures were in yet….our toilet didn’t get put until day 2 of the living in the house, needless to day we were thankful for that….memories, memories…!!!

David had been working non-stop on getting the bathroom in order. We got our hot water turned on this past Monday, which was wonderful; however, with it being sooo hot, it really hasn’t been all that bad. The hot water was process. Dave had to get under the house to redo all the gas lines. I wish I had pictures of him doing that because he had to wear a Big black trash sack to help keep the mud and pesticides off of him while under the house, poor guy, what a trooper. Then we had trouble with getting the valve turned on at the cities gas connection, so they came out on Monday and got us all set up with hot water!!!

Since Monday, Dave has been working on tiling the tub area. It has been a little longer process than he hoped; however, he did ALL the tiling by himself, I am soo proud of him, it was his 1st time and he did an awesome job! The tile that we ordered for the floor in the bathroom was ordered wrong, bummer, so that will be a little delay, which I am sure will not be the first delay…I guess that is just how is goes. Today he will start grouting the tile!

Tiling Pictures (a little out of order on the picts..sorry)

Dave putting up the cement backer board

Look at him go...

Up close look at the details...a great job!!

Almost finished!

demolition picts

The old old wallpaper!

Displaying the thick walls before demo...
Begining to tear down walls...
And rip out doors...

Picts of demo and the beginings of the remodel

Dave hard at work! Tearing out the old bathroom.

We're havin' a good time now!!

Working on the new plumbing


New flooring and TUB!

Friday, June 13, 2008

We bought our 1st home!!

David and I bought our first home back in May, in Taylor, Texas! We are very excited to be first time home buyers!! We bought a fixer upper, so we will be very busy the next couple of months! We have plenty to do, but we hope it will be well worth it when we are all finished.

We moved into "one" room of the house on May 31st. We have put most of our stuff in storage because we are remodeling! We have made ourselves a little one room efficiency: bed, dresser, and kitchen table. We will not have a kitchen for awhile, but I have brought our crock pot, microwave, and toaster convection oven, so we are able to make meals! We are going to have sooo many fun...and interesting memories to share!

I am going to attach some pictures of the house before any demolition....

Living and Dining Room
Mater Bedroom


Guest Bedroom

We will post pictures soon on the demolition and progress so far! Hope you are all doing well!!