Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend Progress

Progress this Weekend...
  • painted base coats on baseboards
  • installed baseboards
  • caulked on the bottom and top of the baseboards
  • finished painting the walls
  • installed the light fixture
  • caulked around the bottom of the tub
  • caulked between the tile and the sheetrock
  • caulked around the mirror
  • finished a little tiling around the tub
Our to do list in order to have a COMPLETE bathroom:

  • caulk the nail holes and touch up the paint on baseboards
  • touch up paint on walls and ceiling

Friday, September 26, 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008

Bathroom ALMOST complete

David has been hard at work on the bathroom! He put in all the sheetrock and taped and floated the walls. Today he finished texturing the ceiling and walls and even began painting. I will finish the painting...finally something that I will "hopefully" be successful at!! I am so excited that our bathroom is ALMOST COMPLETE!!! I will post pictures once it is completely finished.

We have also been getting the front bedroom ready for sheetrock. We have been ripping off the OLD styrofoam ceiling tiles and tearing off OLD wallpaper.

We hope that everyone is doing well!!

Ebby tried to help her daddy texture, but she got a little dirty in the process!!

Half of the tiles have been torn off in the guest bedroom

The mess we made...we are pretty good at this!

In the taping and floating process

More of the tape/float

Dave beginning to texture

The texture looks Great Dave!

Dave had to remove the toilet and pedestal to paint behind worries though...toilet is back in place!