Friday, July 16, 2010


So...the cute lil headbands that Meryl was wearing (in previous post) were created by my dearest friend, Aimee- Meryl's momma!!! She has an awesome website

ALSO, she has a shop on ETSY!!!

Check them out...they're awesome!!

She is ONE TALENTED lady...auhmazing she is!!

So, Aim inspired Shauna and I to get crafty the weekend of july 4th!! Here are some of our fun crafties!

ALSO, we had a fun surprise shower for a sweet friend, Lauren, from our community group who is due with her 2nd little munchkin, a little girl, Shelby! Shauna taught the girls from our group how to make stencils from freezer paper that you then iron on the onsie and paint away...genius! We had a blast and I think Lauren will have some cute onsies. We also made a few headbands for Shelby!

Crafting in sooo much...oh fun you are!


Matt and Brandie said...

Yea! So glad you are having time to craft! Miss ya and can't wait to see ya soon!

Brad and Rachael Allison said...

One time I had a friend who updated her blog. Do you know where she went?