Sunday, October 5, 2008

Our Thumbs are Green...

Dave and I planted a garden this time will tell how Green our Thumbs really are?? We enjoyed getting to plant our 1st garden at our new home!! We planted the garden next to the shed...that yes...could fall down at any moment?!? It will eventually be torn worries!

So far we have planted:

-tomato plant
-brussel sprouts
-red pepper

We will probably plant broccoli, cabbage, and carrots as well, but home depot and lowes had slim pickins. We will keep you posted on how Green our Thumbs are???

Turning the soil

Making the rows

A TREASURE we found in the garden??

Rows ready for plants

Gardening is soo much fun!! Giving the plants a good watering

Yea...we shall see how well is grows?

I also bought 3 cute little succulents from Lowes. I put them together in a vintage pot I found the other day while shopping with Aimee and Brandie!

I love it!

This weekend we also finished tearing the old ceiling tiles off in the guest bedroom! And we cleaned up our mess and this is what the room looks like as of now! All we really need to do in the guest room is sheetrock, tape, float, and paint. Not that this means it will be done soon, because that will take us a while!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Drum Roll Please...........Bathroom COMPLETE!!!!!!

Wow…its hard to believe, but the bathroom is COMPLETE!! I told David it looks so good, I want to sleep there! It is our diamond in the rough right now! I have to say, if it weren’t for ALL of David’s hard work the bathroom would still look like it did when we moved in. I have honestly been soo impressed with what all he has accomplished. I knew he was a good plumber, but I didn’t know that he was an Awesome framer, tiler, sheet rocker, taper, floater, and painter (I am not too surprised though…he is one handy man)! I can’t wait to take my first shower in the finished bathroom! Here are picts of the before, during and after...

Here are some more pictures of the finished product...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend Progress

Progress this Weekend...
  • painted base coats on baseboards
  • installed baseboards
  • caulked on the bottom and top of the baseboards
  • finished painting the walls
  • installed the light fixture
  • caulked around the bottom of the tub
  • caulked between the tile and the sheetrock
  • caulked around the mirror
  • finished a little tiling around the tub
Our to do list in order to have a COMPLETE bathroom:

  • caulk the nail holes and touch up the paint on baseboards
  • touch up paint on walls and ceiling

Friday, September 26, 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008

Bathroom ALMOST complete

David has been hard at work on the bathroom! He put in all the sheetrock and taped and floated the walls. Today he finished texturing the ceiling and walls and even began painting. I will finish the painting...finally something that I will "hopefully" be successful at!! I am so excited that our bathroom is ALMOST COMPLETE!!! I will post pictures once it is completely finished.

We have also been getting the front bedroom ready for sheetrock. We have been ripping off the OLD styrofoam ceiling tiles and tearing off OLD wallpaper.

We hope that everyone is doing well!!

Ebby tried to help her daddy texture, but she got a little dirty in the process!!

Half of the tiles have been torn off in the guest bedroom

The mess we made...we are pretty good at this!

In the taping and floating process

More of the tape/float

Dave beginning to texture

The texture looks Great Dave!

Dave had to remove the toilet and pedestal to paint behind worries though...toilet is back in place!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Productivity this past weekend…with the help of wonderful friends!

Okay well…maybe not friends, but friend. Let me explain… Our fabulous friends Mike and Aimee came into town this past weekend to help out with the house. Sweet Aimee asked, “Kat, what can you and I do this weekend?” My response, “I don’t think there is a lot that us ladies can do yet, so we should probably go shopping!” So maybe Aimee and I didn’t help with the house, but we were helping in spirit and were Great moral support. Aimee and I were off to Austin to hit up our usual shoppin’ spots with a break midday to enjoy ships, salsa, and queso, while sipping a margarita; meanwhile, the boys were back at the house working hard. Don’t feel too bad for them, I think they took a break midday as well to have a cerveza or two??!!

So, the girls really did go shopping and the boys actually did work Very Hard, and were extremely productive. We are really grateful for all of Mike’s help with the house!! The boys cut out the opening for the new hallway, moved locations of doors, as well as hung doors. The plans that our awesome architect drew up, our cousin Travis, are starting to come together!

a look at the boys hard work

opening on the left is the new entrance into the hallway

After a hard days work, we ended the day at the 59th annual Taylor Rodeo…yeee-haww! It was Aim’s first ever rodeo experience!! She had a great time expect for her concern for the cows heads twisting off during the steer wrestling! We assured her that they were just fine, and that is didn’t hurt them at all!! We all had a Great time at the rodeo! Thanks Mike and Aimee for your help this weekend!!

Bathroom update

David completed the bathroom tile in the tub area a few weeks ago, it looks great! We finally got our floor tile in a little over a week ago…that was a long story. We still didn’t get exactly what we ordered, but all in all, it worked out really well. We had ordered penny tile for the bathroom floor probably a month ago, in the end the correct amount didn’t come in; we instead got an order of really cute small white subway tile, so we ended up using that as a border. We actually ended up really liking the way the bathroom floor tile worked out!! My all-star husband has also taken up the trade of wiring. David wired our bathroom lighting and fan. He really does impress me daily on what he is able to tackle. The bathroom is actually started to look like a real bathroom!

Tub area tile Complete!!!!

A look at the added detail
Tiling away...

Up-close look at the awesome penny tile

Before grouting
a cool angle (d took this pic)

With grout...I LOVE IT!!!

Looking more like a bathroom!

Let there be light
(but not from flame or explosion)

And there was light...and it was Good!!
(and it also had an exhaust fan)