Saturday, May 9, 2009

We now live in a Bedroom...Yeah!!!

All of David's hard work has finally paid off and has allowed us to have a beautiful bedroom!!! So we are no longer hanging out, sleeping, and eating in one room...we have a room to hang out in AND to sleep in now! I have posted some picture of the process of the room, from hanging the sheetrock, to the finished product! We have to give a shout out to Mr. Noack for assisting Dave in the tapping and floating process! He came and helped give Dave some pointers and ways to make the process go faster, so thank you soooo much Mr. Noack for your willingness to help and for sharing your talent with us!! Also, we want to thank Brad Allison for assisting Dave in putting on the final touches of the bedroom...Thank you Brad for all of your help and mad painting skills!!!

The next steps....

The remodeling of the kitchen is now officially underway! Matt Halsell came from the Big D and Brad Allison came as well last weekend to help Dave begin ripping out the cabinets and wall in the kitchen as well as begin putting up sheetrock! I think they realized it would be hard work, but I actually think it was a beating, so THANK YOU guys so much for all of your muscles and sweat!! Dave said the process went some much faster having Matt and Brad help out! Matt took some really great picts from their process, but I still need to get them from Matt. I will post picts as soon as I get them!

So...we are officially kitchenless for who knows how long??? I am trying to be realistic and say probably 6 months of so??? worries because Chef Molly Peck to the rescue! Our dear friend Molly has recently started her own business. She is an amazing chef, and when I say amazing I mean...TASTY, YUMMY, HEALTHY FOOD!!! She currently offers one meal a week including a main dish, sides, and an scrumptious dessert! Molly will deliver the food to your house in Austin and surrounding cities (well...we dont make her deliver all the way to Taylor bc we live stinkin far, so we pick it up)! She also offers many others services such as catering, personal chef services, cooking classes, etc! She truly is talented...check out her website So, we still get to eat really amazing meals without a kitchen...Perfect! Thank you Molly for all of your hard work!!