Saturday, March 6, 2010

Well Hello!

Hey All...Sorry it has been soooo long since we have updated the blog. And by sooo long I mean, over a year...ridiculous. Well, we have not posted in a LONG time partly because not ALOT had changed with the house situation, but things are beginning to progress!!

Since last blog the following has changed...

-David and our very generous friend, Matt Davenport, moved the back door of the house (in case we decide to add on). They ripped out the back of the house and put in back together in no time...amazing!

- David and Matt did a little rewiring in the kitch and put in a few can lights!

- Dave is going to make our kitchen cabinets. He made his initial/trial cabinet a couple of months ago and it LOOKS amazing. I am so impressed...once again his talent confirmed! The initial cabinet made was for our kitchen sink. We went ahead and put it nice to be able to wash a few dishes in a kitchen sink instead of the pedestal sink :) He is in the process of making the rest of the cabinets!

- This past Sunday, David and a dear friend, Brad Allison, raised up part of the floor in our kitchen that used to be the back porch. They busted it out in a few hours! Thank you for all of your hard work and stink...oh I mean sweat :)
- We also had the entire house rewired! We now have can lights in the kitchen as well!
These pictures were all taken from my phone, so are not the best quality. I cant find the charger to my phone. They are also out of order, but stinkin blogger is hard to deal with when imputing pictures. I have not gotten in down yet...well I guess I have not had practice in over a year. Maybe I should practice more often :) I'll see what I can do...
Great work Dave...I love you!! Cant wait for the house to be DONE. We are already planning a MASSIVE BASH for when this house is finished!!!!!

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Matt and Brandie said...

Things are looking good!! Glad you finally are blogging again :) We miss ya'll and can't wait to see ya soon!